On this page, you’ll find a little bit about me and the blog, ways to connect with me, etc. – including Image, Disclosure, and Privacy policies.

Why the blog?

After several failed spine surgeries, I needed to find joy in the smallest things. It seemed a good idea to paint my nails with bright and cheery colors. Unfortunately, after a long road, I am now permanently disabled. But – on good days, when the pain isn’t so bad – I find that blogging about this addictive hobby is a great escape.

What to expect?

As much as I started and continue to post to this blog for my own reference, I strive to keep it interesting and helpful. Most of the posts feature nail art designs. Occasionally I publish other related bits about nail polish, N.O.T.D. (Nails of the Day) looks, round-up posts, nail care, etc.

Most nail art posts will include not just the basics about the nail art design, but also helpful stuff like what worked and what didn’t, where you can buy the products I rave about, and often the steps to take to get the look.

I’m most comfortable behind a Canon camera…

About Kimett

My name in the “outside” world is Kim. My husband & I are currently living in Columbus, Ohio – USA. Together we enjoy road trips and taking pictures when we can; but always good books, TV/movies & conversation.

I’m really a plain-Jane-kind-of-girl. I only wear jewelry for special occasions. I’m happiest in comfy, functional clothing–Tshirts & sweatpants are my jam. My hair is “wash ‘n go” and I don’t wear makeup. But…in great contrast, my nail polish collection has its own room in the house.

Looking for More? Check out these other pages:

  • #InspiredbyKimettKolor  | A photo gallery of other nail artists who’ve re-created one of my designs.
  • Kimett Lists | A clickable shopping list for the items/brands/stores that I shop most frequently. Also, links to my nail polish and stamping plate collection lists.

Staying Connected

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Also, I’d love to hear from you anytime!

Email: kimettkolor @ gmail.com


All photos with my watermark are my personal property. I have purchased a license for any fee-based stock photography included.  I occasionally link to others’ photos from the internet with links/credit always listed. I’m flattered if you wish to link/share/pin my images (without cropping or any editing) as long as you provide links and/or credit back to KimettKolor.com.


This blog is written and edited solely by myself for personal purposes. I am in no way an expert and everything is just my opinion.

PR Samples: Very occasionally, Kimett Kolor accepts products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Receipt of a product, whether solicited or unsolicited, does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product or for the substance of any content produced that discusses the product. All products received are deemed to be gifts – commercial samples – that do not form a contract for review and are not deemed to be compensation for any content that is written. Any products provided to me for collaboration will be noted as such (usually PR Sample), and not affect my honesty in any way.

I am not paid or compensated with my blogging – it is solely my hobby. And, as a blog reader myself, I don’t appreciate being overly bombarded with pop-up menus, unrelated advertising, etc. You’ll notice none of that around here. 😉


This blog uses only the basic website cookies to measure page views. There is no content on the blog that requires any personal information from you. For optional interactions, I use trusted plugins from Disqus for commenting and Mail Chimp for email notifications. I will never, ever, never share or distribute any information.

Thanks so much for reading!

Magnifying visors are so fashionable! LOL

Last updated: January 10, 2021

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