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As mentioned in this blog post, I am getting ready for another house move. While I LOVE  hoarding lots and lots of pretty polish and nail art stuff…I really, REALLY, don’t want to physically move it all (at once) into a new home. So….I’m going to reduce my stash considerably.

Everything listed is in good condition or better. Most items are only slightly & gently used, some items are brand new/never used. Please read through the individual product page for details and additional pictures.

I priced things with small orders in mind. If you’re interested in many things, or if you want to negotiate the price(s), there will be the option to click the Add To Quote button. A link will then appear to view your list. Basically, it’s like adding items to a wish list which you then easily click a button and send to me for price negotiation. It works just like bundling at a tag sale. 😉 

A note about Shipping: During checkout, there will be options to choose using USPS. It might calculate a higher rate than what it will actually cost – especially for small orders. Should this happen, I will issue a credit in the event that it can be safely sent to you for less.

Shopping cart is for US destination orders only. For those living outside of the US, please email me directly or use the Quote feature and we’ll figure it out.

No product refunds/returns. However, I’m a caring & kind person. If there’s an issue, let me know and I’ll do my best to figure something out.

I tried to think of everything and be as prepared as possible. But…please let me know if something isn’t working right or I missed something. Remember this is a blog sale, I’m not a store or a business. And, again, I will answer any and all questions – please don’t hesitate to ask.

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